In Order to Sleep Peacefully

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a solo show adapted from Musset’s Lorenzaccio

performed by Patric Madden \ directed by Roxane Revon

June 22nd at 9 PM at Spectrum Brooklyn, 70 Flushing Ave.

(workshop performance, tickets at the door)

Saturday November 2nd at 4:00 PM at the United Solo Festival, Theatre Row - 410 W. 42nd St.

Get your tickets here:


A tyrant rules over the city of Florence. A nobleman finds lifeblood in the idea of assassination. In the journey from ideation to action, the killer loses sight of himself. In this queer adaptation of a French classic, one body takes on many. Who’s the real Renzo, and how many masks must one don and discard in order to act?


We need your support!

We’re trying to raise $5000 to produce the piece at the United Solo Festival in the fall and then tour it internationally throughout 2020 (we’re planning performances in Miami, Brazil, Scotland, France, India, and Turkey).

If you’re able, please donate what you can to support our journey! Donations can be made with paypal or any credit/debit card, and are through L’atelier Théâtre NYC, the company producing the piece.


If you can’t donate, one of the best ways to support the production is simply to buy a ticket for the United Solo Festival performance. If we sell out, the festival offers us additional performance slots. So go ahead and get a ticket now for our November 2nd show!


About the director:

Roxane Revon is a stage director, performer and drama teacher. She’s worked at numerous companies in New York since 2011 and co-founded L'Atelier Theatre Productions in 2015, where she has directed many francophone plays both in French and English. Click here for her full bio

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