Patric Madden


I'm a performer based in Brooklyn, recently graduated from the Yale School of Drama. I also direct, teach, write, devise ...

I grew up in western Massachusetts running around in the woods with my brother Luke and pretending to be a wizard. I found my way to Brown University, where I majored in English while studying acting with Lowry Marshall, Thom Jones, and Kym Moore. At Yale, I deepened my craft for three years and met a lot of amazing people. Now I can pretend to be a wizard professionally . . .

When we play onstage and on screen, we can bend people out of the habit of their daily lives — putting them more deeply in touch with themselves and piquing their curiosity about others.

It's a turbulent time, and a vital one to plumb the relationship between art and justice. I'm invested in this intersection and committed to having the conversations that enable deep collaboration.



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I’m currently developing a solo show with director Roxane Revon called ‘In Order to Sleep Peacefully.’ It’s a queer adaptation of Alfred de Musset’s Lorenzaccio. I’ll be performing it in the fall at the United Solo Festival in Manhattan, in addition to touring it sporadically throughout 2020. Click below for details!



Estelle Lasher and Lauren Feinstein

(212) 997-9191



commercial agent:

ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY (commercial), (voiceover)


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